Javier Gonzalez Burgos

  • Fairy creations for malls decor, windows and publishing
  • Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok

Javier González Burgos, illustrator currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His works were published and exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Chile, USA, France, Canadá, Germany, UK, Costa Rica , Colombia, Hong Kong and China
Javier has illustrated more than 120 books and his illustrations are also part of the Fratelli Branca permanent art collection. During christmas 2013 his mall decoration obtained a record of 160,000 people per day in Hong Kong. His exhibition "Adventures in Forest" held in Beijing in 2014 was the first of its kind in
the capital city, a Latin-style landscape that were unprecedented in Asia.
His latest work, a national campaign including 32 shopping malls along Thailand included more than 400 designs being the bigger exhibition ever made in Asia.
His works are mostly focused on the young audience, working on digital platform, products include picture books, billboards, ads, mall decorations, magazines, posters, cards, postcards, magnets, fabrics and characters-toy developments


McGraw-Hill, Scholastic, Harvard Bussiness Review, MacMillan, Oxford University Press, Longseller, Bimbo, Coke, HK Times square, Joy City center, Rexona, Elle, Emece, SM, Corel, Rosa Wesley, Cynar, Fernet Branca, Santillana, Puma


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